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Its known as the rise in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere & oceans since the late 19th century and its projected continuity. Global warming, a re-occurring phenomenon in the whispers of ancient environmentalists has over the past two decades gained global prominence and attention like never before due to the rapid increase in the earth’s mean temperature recorded to be about 0.8degreesC (1.4degreesF) since the early 20th century with about 2/3rd of this increase occurring since 1980. Its effects such as sudden/drastic temperature changes, melting of the polar ice caps resulting in massive flooding & Tsunamis among others has ensured that the threat/dangers of global warming are not ignored or shoved aside but accorded proper audience whenever & wherever its being mentioned.
Over time,we’ve seen & heard the church respond to matters of such critical importance like slavery, racism etc. which would lead one to ask “what’s the church’s view/stand on global warming? What parts are Christians expected to play as regards global warming? Is global warming that which the Church should burden itself with? Permit me now to journey into scriptures as we look to uncover answers to some of the questions raised.

In the book of Genesis, there God created the heaven and the earth & placed man in Eden strategically to “tend and keep it” (Gen2:15) thus the earth was mans’ to look after, take care of & maintain. This charge as well as that of being fruitful & multiply was given from the very onset because as man would go on to populate the earth, the use of the earth & its resources would increase in other to meet the increased need of humanity and as such, maintaining, tending & keeping of the earth had to be kept in view at all times lest the earth becomes overwhelmed by man’s usage such that it begins to depreciate.
“Scientists are more than 90% certain that global warming is primarily caused by increasing concentrations of green house gases produced by human activities such as burning of fossil fuels & deforestation.”(Wikipedia).
As known, the old testament is but a shadow of the new and all in the old need some sort of “back up” in the new. Likewise, the tending of the earth spoken of in Genesis was resounded by Jesus in matthew5:13, where He said “You’re the SALT of the earth.” Now one of the major uses of salt is as a preservative. Having said that, the above text could rightly read “You are the PRESERVATIVE of the earth” which means one of mans’ major function still remains the tending, keeping & preserving of the earth as was said in Genesis 2.
Apparently, man ignored this God given task and went on populating the earth, increasing in needs and meeting those needs by any means necessary without bearing in mind, its possible consequence on the earth he was asked to preserve & keep which has led to the depreciation of the earth leading to global warming. But why do we disobey Gods’ fore warning & blame Him when the consequences hit hard at us, using it as another reason not to believe in Him as some foolishly ask “if there’s a God,where was He during the last Hurricane?” *FOOD FOR THOUGHT*
In Adam, all of humanity failed including as stewards of the earth but in Jesus, all who believe in Him are restored to God’s original plan which still includes tending & keeping of the earth. As Christians, we have that task once again upon us as stewards & keepers of the earth to tend and preserve it. We should be the ones spear-heading campaigns and programs against global warming, educating the rest of humanity on the use of the earth, advocating for greener living as well as living daily with the state of the earth in mind ie living eco-friendly in our homes & work places, going for energy saving appliances and even taking preventive steps like seeking alternate means of fueling that would emit lesser green house gases into the atmosphere.
No faithful steward goes to sleep when his masters property is not in good condition. The earth is the Lords’ and we are its stewards. SELAH!.
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