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The Résumé

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Its used by persons to present their background and skills for a variety of reasons but often for securing a new employment.

Ever wondered what your résumé should look like if you were given a shot at applying for that dream job with an international conglomerate with a huge pay check at stake?!
To attain such,the least requirement would be good academic qualification. For some, a bachelors degree isn’t just enough as they’ll press for a masters and some even to the level of doctorate degrees. They’ll enroll and take up professional exams,become members of globally recognized clubs/groups like the Rotary club,the red cross and so much more. They may even take up hobbies they never had just to beef up that résumé such that their prospective employer would be impressed by it enough to earn them the dream job.

Since a résumé goes a long way in determining the level of success as regards jobs,what makes us think the kind of résumé we present before our prospective spouses wouldn’t also play a role in determining the level of success in our relationship?!

You know, we spend so much time searching for that special one;that dream one, without examining ourselves to ensure that we would be for that dream one a dream one as both the employer & employee share the joy in every dream deal i.e For the employer,a dream member of staff & for the employee,a dream job. Likewise, a prospective spouse ought to share in the joy which you feel on meeting them but such isn’t the case as we are mostly driven by ignorance to only earn the best forgetting that to whom much is given,much is expected.

Why don’t we beef up our personal résumé such that it would be suitable for our prospective companions? You desire a temperate and patient partner yet you are always consumed by anger & impatience? You want a caring & selfless one yet you are short of the same prerequisite as the desire itself is driven by selfishness? Let’s take a break and be rational for a minute!

As much as you prepare yourself a résumé suitable for a dream job,likewise prepare yourself one suitable for a dream relationship. Take up new hobbies & interests,quit bad habits,read good books on relationships,inquire from successful couples how they are “doing it”,most guys do sports;pick an interest in it, ladies like to talk;prepare for her a listening ear. You’re timid,aim at being bold as most ladies desire security from their man, ladies do the cooking;try to have a little knowledge about that too guys. You know your weaknesses and flaws as an individual,improve on it.
Go the extra mile if you have to in order to prepare yourself for that special one and I assure you that if we all follow suit,the “One’s” would no longer be hard to find as we’ll all be prepared,like the biblical parable of the wise virgins with extra oil,waiting for the grooms arrival. Let’s build that résumé.