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Walking down the road with a lady friend of mine and as expected of a gentleman, I walked closest to the on coming traffic in other to “shield and protect her” (for more about social Etiquette FF @EtiquetteNG on twitter) when I decided to tease her.

I was like “now if there’s a hit, I’m most likely to die first yet we wonder why the females are more than the males these days” and she replied saying “it means little. After all, it’s a mans’ world” and this statement of hers aroused my curiosity.
She would later go on to say that the world and its systems are sort of unfair to the female gender placing the males in the position of authority, with the females left behind.
Is this entirely true?! Are the males really calling the shot?! Are the females left with little or no significance?! These amongst others, I intend to address in this article with the aim of bridging the assumed sexual divide in our systems thereby drawing a parallel line of significance to both ends.
I believe that if we must address any issues regarding humans, we must start off from where man himself (unisex) started. So join me on this voyage as I journey back to Eden seeking to uncover answers to some of these questions raised.

When God had the idea of replicating Himself in a being, I.e to create man, it’s amazing to note that he was speaking in plurality “let us make man in our image and after our likeness and let THEM have dominion” and it was recorded later on that “Male and Female He created Them and blessed Them”.
it’s interesting to note that this statement was made even before Adam was created. So even though God would later go on to create man and then woman from him, the charge of dominating and replenishing was given to them both ideologically. So for them to be fruitful biologically and successfully reproduce their first and successive filial generations, the spermatozoa from the male and the ova from the female needed to fuse together; a process known as “fertilization” which supports the theory that males and females alike are of significant importance in line with the existence & continuity of human life on earth.

Skipping further to after the fall, when God was to punish man for their sin, the woman would through increased pain bring forth children and the man in agony, would till the land for their supplies and although the task of dominating and multiplying entrusted to them had become more grievous, there still existed a balance in responsibility between both sexes for God didn’t curse one with labor and did not the other.
One may then ask, since God have a sense of balance, where then did man gain the authority over the woman?! Who put him in charge?! Let’s proceed on this issue.

It is important to note that after the “ideological” creation of mankind, God would go on to create Adam first and give him charge over the garden and commanded him on the do’s and don’ts even before Eve was created and as such, Adam was first entrusted with responsibility and we know that responsibility comes with authority “for the throne makes the man king”. Eve on the other hand was created from Adam, which establishes a hierarchy between them and her role was to be a “suitable helper” for the man.
Note yet again that Adam got the responsibility/authority and Eve was to help him fulfill his tasks.


When Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat from the fruit which they ought not to have, because she wasn’t the one under responsibility, nothing happened until she went further to use her office as a “help meet” to INFLUENCE the man who is he with the authority and so it was, that when he ate of it, he failed in his responsibility and the side clause of the contract was activated.

Now when God came, He called for Adam and He addressed the issue with Adam because he was the one who broke the code because, it required Adam to pull the trigger even though he would later blame the woman for influencing him to take the shot.
So clearly thence, we can establish the fact that unto the man was given authority and unto the woman was given influence. Now let’s ask ourselves; authority or influence, which is a more powerful tool?!

Here’s a perfect illustration to best solve the riddle.


In a society where the jury system is practiced, we understand that although there’s a presiding judge who will eventually pass the final judgment, read out the sentence and pound the gavel as his seal of authority, the jury on the other hand really determines the outcome of the case. For example, A man may commit murder and if he’s able to convince the jury that he didn’t and that verdict is reached by them, the judge will pound his gavel to discharge and acquit the accused. Likewise, if an innocent man falsely accused, fails to convince the jury on his innocence, they reach a verdict and the judge issues out the sentence and again pound his gavel as it is his authority.
If we look critically into this, we would realize that although the judge get to pass the sentence, the jury about 98% determines the action of the judge in the use of his authority. Thus, its safe to say that influence is a more powerful tool in comparison to authority as it’s able to determine which side of the pendulum one with authority swings to.
Seeing we now comprehend this theory, let’s align it with the issue of the “assumed gender divide”. A man is the head based on hierarchy and calls the shots based on authority but the woman gets to influence the man to take the shot she wants. Now we understand why its said in Nigeria “if you want get oga, go through madam.” Meaning the easiest way to get a man is through a woman and history has overtime justified this claim.


Having now established that its not entirely a mans’ world as its widely perceived especially among those of the female gender, we are then left with the question What then shall we do?!
Although this may have seemed to unravel the vulnerability of the man in the place of his authority, it is not for the woman to take advantage of it thereby wielding it for her own selfish interests but through submission, channel this force into the right direction: Positivity.

It is said that “When the purpose for a thing is not known, its abuse is inevitable” and as such, if the female gender with this knowledge refuse to conform to the idea of God at creation I.e to wield this force called influence in assisting her man to fulfill his God given responsibility, but rather wield it in getting her man to fulfill her own selfish goals then as it were in Eden, their downfall is unavoidable as a wise man once said “He who fails to learn from history is bound to repeat its mistake”.


The woman who now knows she wields such power of influence and influence, which most assuredly controls authority must above everything else, understand that as it is with every power, the force of influence can be used for good and evil, erection and destruction and that the choice in what manner to use it, is dependent in the two long standing rivals; Pride or Humility.
Pride in using it for her own gain leading to destruction or humility in service of God leading to Life. The Choice is Hers!

We can clearly ascertain that God in His design of the world and its operational systems in no way segregated the woman, but honored her with her own role as He sees fit. She should then understand that her fight is not to attain equality with her male counter part but to play her roles in helping the man for therein her fulfillment lies.
For God is a Just God and this isn’t a case of equality but of Justice.

As always,I open this article to public scrutiny as I may not have dealth excessively with this issue and to my readers, please be sure to confirm every point stated above before building on it, most especially in reference to the Book of Life; The Word of God.

I’m no wealthy man in terms of my knowledge of the legal system. Thus pardon if there’s any inaccuracy with the illustration used.

Written by – ONUOHA, OBINNA C. (Kruseaphix)