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First off, let me start by congratulating you for being among the privileged ones to successfully complete the transition from 2013 to 2014. Irrespective of the situations around you and the way you feel, YOU MADE IT through and the least you should do is be happy and thankful to God who saw you through all 365 days of the past year.
With that I say, Happy New Year! as I wish you the very best the year has got to offer and my prayer is that you reading this will be alive to the very end of 2014.

New years are often associated with new resolutions, dreams, goals and aspirations. To some, its an opportunity to start off on a clean slate, a shot a righting the wrongs of the past year and all sort and while I don’t dispute this, I strongly feel that the new year as much as it marks a new season, is a continuation from where you stopped the year before.

Its like a train en route its final destination which stops at certain stations along its course for drop offs and pick ups. Each stop it makes denotes progress from where it used to be yet it’s still not where it intends to be not until it gets to its final destination. Thus, celebration of progress should not be allowed to cloud the vision of the end.

I liken the new year to this moving train because at the end of a year and the start of another, is a station along our course of life where we ought to drop off the things which tend not to push us towards our final destination yet takes away from us while picking up those which will gear us closer to our destination.

The things to drop off are not static but varies according to our individual strengths and weaknesses so it’s up to everyone to conduct some sort of self evaluation from the past year, dot the I’s and cross the T’s so as to put all wrongs into perspective while aiming to correct them in the new year.

But this is my point in all, that while January 1st marks the start of a new calendar year, it’s still the day after yesterday which implies that you don’t have to wait all 365 days in a year to evaluate and resolve identified issues as well as setting new targets and goals. It can and should be done every day of your life. Always look to improve on who you are daily. Make it a priority to go to bed a better person than you were when you woke up that day. It makes the burden a lot easier to carry if you look to improve daily than waiting for a new year to begin to set your resolutions and if you will be sincere, ask yourself how long does it take you within the new year to break your resolutions?!

Not because you had intended to do that but because it quite a huge task pilling them up all together to achieve them at once and as such, your zeal and commitment wears off easily.

But don’t lose heart if you’ve already made your resolutions for the new year. Simply take them daily and be conscious of it. Split them into monthly, weekly or even daily targets and do commit to see that every target is met as at when due and before you even blink an eye, your resolutions will be all done with the year merely half gone which affords you the chance at aiming even higher.

More than just having them in mind, go a step further to write them down and place it where you can easily see it so that every time you behold it, the consciousness of your resolution sets in and you’re urged to keep working towards it.

I pray that the Grace of God which enables all sufficiency in all things will dwell richly upon you and empower you to complete that which you have set your heart to do this year; for His steadfast love never ceases and His mercy never comes to and end but they “RENEW EVERY MORNING (DAILY)” for great is His faithfulness.

Take advantage of this mercy which renews daily and have a wonderful year ahead. Again, WELCOME TO 2014. Cheers!!!!