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Hey people, I read something by a man that questioned a whole lot of my aspirations and the motive behind them. Although it seemed hard, I couldn’t but agree to the fact he was saying the truth. Please open your hearts as we receive his words and whatever questions you may have as a result of this, or a part of the article you don’t agree with, do kindly leave it in the comment box and it will be responded to. Thanks!


I’ve spent the most part of the last 8hrs listening to sermons. (Something I don’t do nearly as often as I should). And I’ve been hearing a lot of things that are too difficult to bear (Which is obviously the reason why I don’t listen to sermons much).


But out of the many things that have struck me this morning, the biggest one would be that MARRIAGE AND OTHER THINGS WE ARE TAUGHT TO ASPIRE TO ARE JUST MEANS TO, OR BY PRODUCTS OF ASPIRING TO THE ONLY WORTHY ASPIRATION.


Now I remember a couple of days back when my friend Manasseh Mashi posted  on facebook something similar. And I was like, “Yeah! Tell em! This is soooo true! Profound! Bla bla bla, and other I’m-smarter-than-everybody-else cosign statements that I usually make”. But it really didn’t hit me as hard as it did today. Maybe because I was too busy being disgusted about how stupid people are. Yea, I know, I’m a jerk. And I kinda like that. LoooL! (Trusting God to help me with that).


A few months back when Beyonce decided to break the world with her album (By the way it had some great tracks but I don’t think overall it’s her best album, but I digress), something stood out to me. And it was the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie talk that was on Flawless. The most profound thing she said was that women are taught to aspire to marriage. And she challenged that culture. I agree with her on that.


Now thinking about it today, plus the other stuff I just heard, plus the other stuff my larger than life smart headed, all knowing self knows (I don’t even practise a lot of the things I “know”), I just landed on a profound realization that all but ONE thing we are taught to aspire to as happy endings or success are merely just a means to or by products of having that ONE worthy aspiration.


Take men for instance. We are taught to 1 – be serious with our “formal education”, which I believe by far to be a hoax. Quote me anywhere. Just kidding, don’t quote me please. So that we can 2- get a good job, so we can 3 – Get a good wife (in a way men are taught to aspire to marriage too) and 4 – have children, 5 – raise the children in the most comfortable way and make sure they don’t suffer, 6 – do something with our lives that will make a whole lot of people clap for us and want to use our names to promote their events and want us to make appearances at their weddings and see us at the airport and gush, cry and faint for merely being in our presence and FINALLY, when we die our obituary will be all over World Wide News and they’ll organize memorial concerts, dinners, galas, conferences and scholarships  in our names and name airports, roads, libraries, bathrooms; well, basically any building you can get after us.


I’m sure that behind what we believe to be worthwhile impact is a motivation or drive that is fueled by some, most or even all of the aspirations I just mentioned plus a whole lot more that I didn’t mention. But what we’re almost never taught or at least taught in a more complete way, is that these things are only a means to or by products of the ONLY worthy aspiration there is. Some of them help you get where you’re going, while the others happen because you decided to aspire to the right thing. Not like they’re really important sef.


Francis Chan says, “There are bigger things than a happy marriage, sorry ONE thing…” “… When you focus on that, a happy marriage is A by product”. There is a bigger thing than getting married to that trophy wife or husband, having the best/happiest marriage/children in the world, getting this paper, turning up, turning down, ”leaving a legacy” (I know why I put it in quotes), and every other thing that we aspire to. When we aspire to the right all the things that we need will fall in place. I’m having a hard time getting myself to live that life right now. It won’t be easy for you too but it’s the one thing we all need to do.


I know this is just a bunch of poorly arranged musings that I just spilled out. Forgive me for not taking my writing class more seriously. I promise to ASPIRE to be a better writer in the future. It’s funny that this started out as a facebook status update but look at what we have here – a very long, probably boring “Open Letter”. If you no like am, tweet fight the person that you got the link to this from. I refuse to take responsibility for boring you this morning.


It is my hope that somewhere inside this unprofessionally written note of mine, you find the central idea that I am trying to communicate; to myself first and then to you.


So initially I was gonna end this with this…

And yea yea, I hear you say, “But you forgot to say that ONE thing we should all aspire to”. Well I didn’t forget; I decided not to. Aren’t you tired of being told what to do? Yes I know (nods head in feign sympathy as you say, “I know right?”), I’m just as tired as you are too. So go figure. LoooL!


But my host graciously insisted that I said what that one thing and this is what I will leave you with.

Matthew 6.33. One of the more commonly quoted scriptures that we don’t always like to think through. So I hope we get the message.



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