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Have you ever walked into the mall to buy an empty bottle of coke? So what’s the big hype about the “coke bottle” figure that pop culture is eagerly selling these days?

From music videos to movie screens, red carpet parades and all that, one is readily greeted with the view of a woman with enormous body curves being celebrated as the ideal woman or at least, what she should look like. This trend has seen a huge number of women engage in surgical procedures to increase their body frame and curves, just so they can meet up to this requirement of being today’s woman.

Worse than this display of inferiority complexes, is the fast spreading deception that your body frame as a woman is what earns or keeps your man. Again I ask who goes to the mall just to buy an empty coke bottle? These days’ people opt for cans or plastics as well as bottles but in spite of the difference in preference, they all want coke! The role of the package is simply to attract you to the content so it’s folly to spend your capital on the package when you don’t have content.

What happens when you buy an item only to discover that what is inside isn’t what was portrayed on the pack? You feel cheated. You are most likely to ask for a refund from the seller or discard the item in rage and anger. How much more when you discover that the pack is empty? The consequences are devastating as shown by the ever increasing rate of divorce and single motherhood.

Now more than ever, we see women fill themselves up with implants. Still, the stats aren’t in their favour as more and more marriages are hitting rock bottom while even more ladies end up being unmarried single parents. Where are the men? Why aren’t they staying? The curves are getting wider and wider while at the same pace, commitment is getting thinner and thinner. What does that tell you?  The booty might get him but it sure won’t keep him; content is absolute while packaging is relative. Figure is worthless without content just as a coke bottle is without the coke in it.

I think it’s about time we tell ourselves the truth and place emphasis on what is most essential; CONTENT DEVELOPMENT. Develop and build your content first before you start thinking about packaging. If Coca Cola had spent their business career focusing on the shape of the bottle instead of the coke itself, would you even use it as a reference point for your body frame today? Think about it!

So I carried out a quick survey on my BBM where I asked some guys “What are the top 5 attributes you seek when you’re looking to date a woman?”

Below are their responses

  1. Aiken: In no particular order her hair, her fashion sense, her height, level of intelligence and her love for God.
  2. Kaybee: Beauty (in & out), character, education (enlightenment & intelligence), her background and her level of contentment.
  3. Ace Ibrahim: Her faith, character, looks, family and orientation.
  4. Monlee: Godliness, hard work & focus, healthy relationships, self-care and her ability to be taught.
  5. Foursyte: Intelligence, beauty, God fearing, hard work and understanding.
  6. Bidemi: Understanding, hardworking, supportive (not being overly dependent & able to support you in all aspects), God fearing and same vision (& complimentary efforts).
  7. DjEnersty: God fearing, supportive, beautiful and independent.
  8. eazY: In no particular order she must have a great music taste and be musically gifted, be in love with Jesus, beautiful and adorable, funny.
  9. Demola: She has to be expressive and fun to be with, not self-centred, kind, empathetic and prayerful.
  10. Lutor: Honors God’s word, intelligent, funny, confident and beautiful.
  11. Mac D: God fearing, learning spirit, beautiful, character/attitude and her ability to cook.
  12. Samson: Her understanding of life & its realities, attitude, how motherly she is (home management), not boring and spiritual.
  13. Gold: Godly, knowledgeable in entertainment/fashion, love for children, teachable, fluency in English & at least one local dialect.
  14. Greatman: Beautiful, intelligent, hard work, visionary and a love for God.
  15. Shola: loves God, common purpose, intelligent/smart, ability to cook & love for hip-hop and looks/body.

Haven heard from the men, let’s do a little calculation. On an average, the attributes they seek are as follows:

  1. Godly
  2. Intelligence
  3. Looks
  4. Character
  5. Hardworking

Assuming your coke bottle physique is what was referred to as “looks”, if that’s all you’ve got. 1/5 isn’t known to be a pass mark is it? Let’s build ourselves for the better.

NB: This article does not exclude the aspect that men are said to be made of beards and abs which have also seen a stereotypic look at the modern man. It does however aim that while appearance is needful, it shouldn’t be the primary reason why anyone should go into a relationship whether male or female. Also, I’m not in any way suggesting that the increasing rate of failed marriages or single motherhood is entirely the fault of the female gender as that will be irrational and insensitive given that men share the same amount of responsibility in seeing a marriage work as do the women.

To have a perfect body frame without good character is nothing more than having a skull with no brain. – Kruseaphix.

  1. Abidemi Fayam says:

    Kruseaphix i don’t want to be bias, but of a truth i must confess that i love dis article. If only most Marriages and relationships are built on most of d words of inspiration you’ve written here. I’m sure the church will have a good foundation. More grease to your elbow kru

  2. Mon Lee says:

    Thank you for the article and the coke bottle analogy specifically. It captures the fundamental truths perfectly. I pray more women will take this seriously. Sadly, they’re few, but we’ll share the post and see who else we can teach. God bless you bro. More and more grace.

  3. Sucre says:

    Good work…

  4. Sucre says:

    Good work…

    Coke bottles, at first I thought it was about the my-name-on-coke-bottle thing, but truly, ‘Coke bottles’ are over rated

  5. Opeyemi Ogunyemi says:


  6. Fredd says:

    Word!!!! Bro ……. its the coke that matters not the bottle.
    Now i have a way to describe to other guys why a beautiful girl on the street isn’t worth the whistle.

  7. Empty coke bottles soon get trashed. Build content first, then bother about covers soon after.

  8. Gideon says:

    Powerful…Truths…Reminds me of one of our NCCF seminars in Kuta…Content NOT Container

  9. drarebreed says:

    Nice one bruv, u nailed it.

  10. DrSwag says:

    …Nice one…lovely analogy!!

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