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Posted: January 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

‚Äči’ve been told: that being commited is bondage..but bondage never feels this free or how being stuck with one bores yet boredom has never been more intriguing…Gallons of water may make an ocean but a cup is mine, so i drink from my cistern alone because only in you my satisfaction i find.. 

How you rose into my life and turned this desert into a beautiful garden..if marriage is indeed prison, i couldn’t have asked for a better warden.. on my own, i’m an irregular piece of a jigsaw puzzle but fitting into you reveals the most beautiful portrait ever painted; US! 

your love for me has dug a bottomless pit in my heart because its unending, now i can’t get enough of you for my hunger of you is filled with more hunger..How can i live without you? I’m like a kid in a candy store, everything i find in you is sweet! I’m not bothered about tooth aches for as long as i’m close-up with you i’ll flourish. My jokes are lame but you laugh anyways, thanks for the crutches..

i always thought being a rib was worthless considering my past encounters with dogs but now i feel safe in your care like you are a doctor of orthopedics.. Even when our world goes dark, the resulting sparks from the collision of our souls would light our path and with our two great lights, we’ll never have any worry about sights..