Pain Reliever- Love

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If u love,u will be vunerable, if u are vunerable people will hurt u, but will u 4give anyway?.
Love is opening urself beyound guards that would keep u.
Its impossible to love without being vunerable,
The ability 2 feel what others feel is a gift 4rm God.
The wounds of ur heart, emotion and ego are things people can’t see. It doesn’t heal in a instant.
There is no love without forgivness and no forgiveness without love.
U cant be a brigde 2 Jesus except u are ready 2 let pple walk all over u.
We struggle 2 4give bcs we are lukn backwards not forward. Cause we are lookin at what we passed through and not where we are going to.
If we are gonna get over it someday, why not today. Why facilitate your own pain.- BBA

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Brethren, it is no news that the current state of insecurity in the nation is one that bothers everyone. The recent Nyanya bombing, has definitely left its scars on the lives of survivors, as well as on the families of those who lost their lives.

This has seen most people within Abuja and its environs, avoid social and public functions and any place that may be a potential target site, all for the fear of being the next victim. Others, send broadcast messages alerting people to be conscious of this and that, thereby causing unnecessary panic and further spreading this spirit of fear across.

I do not want us to be ignorant. If there’s a security tip, we should adhere to it but not allow our hearts and lives be governed by fear, even the fear of death.
For our Lord Jesus Christ did partake of flesh and blood that through death, He might destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, and release those who through the fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. (Heb 2:14-15).

Thus, when He died on the cross and resurrected, he defeated death and set us free from the lifetime bondage we had been in, due to the fear of death. Now having been delivered, why do we live as though we’re still in bondage? Refusing to enjoy the life God has given to us and live it to the fullest, all because of the fear of death which we have been delivered from by the grace of God in Christ Jesus?

The only reason u’re alive to even read this, is because of the grace of God and when you begin to set up rules and boundaries, mounting guards, just to stay alive, you make the cross of Christ of no effect and thus falling from grace, you return to the bondage from which He had set you free. “For except the Lord watch over a city, the watchman watches but in Vain”.(Ps 127:1b)

God wants us to live our lives and live it to the fullest without fears, even the fear of death. For Jesus has conquered the grave and death has lost its sting. And although someday we’ll sleep, we’re not afraid because we know in whom we have believed, JESUS! the resurrection and the life. (John 11:25)

So I urge you my brethren, to go about your normal daily activities, having no form of confidence in the flesh but trusting, that the Lord who has kept you this far, will continue to do so and even when the day comes that life is required from us, we know it’s because our time of eternal rest has come and we’ll rejoice greatly in Him, even in death. For then, we shall not be separated from Him no more.

For those of us in Christ, we reckon like Paul, that to live is Christ, and to die is gain. Death has no power over us. But for those who haven’t yet known the Lord, I urge you to, for He alone can deliver, set free and make whole. Think about these things.
Jesus has got the victory and all you need do is live it. #Selah

“If anybody listens and is influenced by what a rapper says, they just weren’t raised in a good home.” – Slim Thug
For those who do not know, Slim Thug is an American rap artiste who recently threw a shot at parents/guardians with the above quoted comment, accusing them of irresponsibility if their child/ward is/was influenced by the lyrics of rapstars and other musicians alike.
He went further to say that he’s an entertainer and that’s where it ends and as such, the kids are responsible for whatever they learn.
This comment from Slim Thug, is a reflection of the minds of most artistes/entertainers on our screens today who do all sort of thrash under the umbrella of “Entertainment” yet don’t want to be held accountable when their songs/art is discovered to be causing a lot of harm to their audience, most of which are youth and teenagers.
Imagine a school teacher who says she’s just a teacher and that’s where it stops thus, the students are responsible for what they learn. Sounds sane?!
Some people will be like, Kru, this comparison don’t work as teachers and entertainers play different roles, but let me quickly point out one fact we may be missing out.
A school teacher isn’t any more of an educator than your favorite entertainer with the only difference being that for a school teacher, it’s formal education but for the entertainer, it’s informal.
It’s the renowned philosopher Dr. Ravi Zacharias who said “the most philosophically powerful institution in a nation is really not the academicians as powerful as they may be, but for the younger generation particularly, the philosophy is provided by the world of the arts and as such, the molders of the youthful imaginations are really the artistes of our time.”
Without a doubt, there’s an increasing decadence of moral values in the lives of today’s youth and studies have shown that the entertainers/artistes, through their art, with the help of the media, are the ones with the controllers in this game of influence.
The propagation of violence, sex, nudity, vulgarity and indecency amongst others seems to be what is chief in the entertainment industry today as it is almost impossible to turn on your tv set, or listen to a song on the radio without being confronted with at least one of these embedded in a song lyric or portrayed in a musical video.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn at Harvard Class Day Afternoon Exercises, Thursday, June 8, 1978. said “Society appears to have little defense against the abyss of human decadence, such as, for example, misuse of liberty for moral violence against young people, motion pictures full
of pornography, crime and horror.
The press (media) has become the greatest power within the Western countries, more powerful than the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.” And it was Andrew Fletcher who sometime said “let me write the songs of a nation, I really don’t care who write its laws.”
The release of such illicit materials and information into the media stream distorts the morality of young lives who look up to these entertainers as role models and icons.
As some would say, I didn’t sign up to be a role model, neither did I ask any one to look up to me but let’s face it, one with the spotlight on him/her is never short of attention. The responsibility of being a role model is fused with the status of a celebrity and as such, whether you intend for it or not, people will listen to you and model their lives after yours once you become a celebrated one which epitomizes “success” in most cases.
For the musicians most especially, your songs are made to be listened to and before you can be tagged “successful”, it means quite a lot of ears give heed to whatever you say and interestingly, these ears pay your bills. Thus, you can’t play ignorant to the fact that people actually listen to that which you say in your songs.
So the big question is, since you know that people listen to every word you utter, what then do you offer them in return for a paycheck?
Some others will say, “i’m like an actor who take up roles just to entertain the audience and it would be unjustifiable to describe me based on a character I played in a movie.” meaning that they put up a character which is often referred to as an “alter-Ego” just for the sake of entertainment and this doesn’t in anyway reflect who they are in reality.
True! They are definitely right. It’s in every way unfair to relate with an actor based on a role he/she played in a movie yet one thing is certain; Every role of every character played, is an interpretation of whatever the script writer had in mind. Thus, you may see yourself as one who is simply acting a role but in truth, you are delivering to your audience whatever message the script writer intended to pass across which leads me to this question.
If as an artiste, you put up an act simply for entertainment, whose script are you acting on? Because through your art, a message is being sent and if you’re just a mail man, whose mail are you delivering?
In life, only one Author is true yet there’s a plagairist who acts like the author so as to send across his own message which is but a twisted version of the original; I’m talking about God and the devil and one thing is certain, if you aren’t a runner for the former, you’re definitely one for the latter.
So the question is, Since you’re just a stamp on a sealed envelope, which of these senders do you represent?. Since you’re nothing but a mirror, whose image are you reflecting?. Think about it.
I write this to every celebrated person out there, every role model, every icon and leader, be it of a vast body such as the entertainment industry or of any sort, as long as you in one way or the other stand above others, there are always bound to be eyes looking up to you and you are responsible for whatever knowledge you pass onto them, be it consciously or otherwise and also to the media practitioners, that you have some sort of regulation(s) to checkmate the content of what is published in the name of entertainment through your outlets.
Let this knowledge serve as a lamp to your feet that guides you and to the aspiring celebrities too, do not lie ignorant of this. My advice, know who you are but most importantly, know whose you are.
Let’s lead right. There are so many lives out there following our prints and we can’t afford to lead them astray.
God help us.


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First off, let me start by congratulating you for being among the privileged ones to successfully complete the transition from 2013 to 2014. Irrespective of the situations around you and the way you feel, YOU MADE IT through and the least you should do is be happy and thankful to God who saw you through all 365 days of the past year.
With that I say, Happy New Year! as I wish you the very best the year has got to offer and my prayer is that you reading this will be alive to the very end of 2014.

New years are often associated with new resolutions, dreams, goals and aspirations. To some, its an opportunity to start off on a clean slate, a shot a righting the wrongs of the past year and all sort and while I don’t dispute this, I strongly feel that the new year as much as it marks a new season, is a continuation from where you stopped the year before.

Its like a train en route its final destination which stops at certain stations along its course for drop offs and pick ups. Each stop it makes denotes progress from where it used to be yet it’s still not where it intends to be not until it gets to its final destination. Thus, celebration of progress should not be allowed to cloud the vision of the end.

I liken the new year to this moving train because at the end of a year and the start of another, is a station along our course of life where we ought to drop off the things which tend not to push us towards our final destination yet takes away from us while picking up those which will gear us closer to our destination.

The things to drop off are not static but varies according to our individual strengths and weaknesses so it’s up to everyone to conduct some sort of self evaluation from the past year, dot the I’s and cross the T’s so as to put all wrongs into perspective while aiming to correct them in the new year.

But this is my point in all, that while January 1st marks the start of a new calendar year, it’s still the day after yesterday which implies that you don’t have to wait all 365 days in a year to evaluate and resolve identified issues as well as setting new targets and goals. It can and should be done every day of your life. Always look to improve on who you are daily. Make it a priority to go to bed a better person than you were when you woke up that day. It makes the burden a lot easier to carry if you look to improve daily than waiting for a new year to begin to set your resolutions and if you will be sincere, ask yourself how long does it take you within the new year to break your resolutions?!

Not because you had intended to do that but because it quite a huge task pilling them up all together to achieve them at once and as such, your zeal and commitment wears off easily.

But don’t lose heart if you’ve already made your resolutions for the new year. Simply take them daily and be conscious of it. Split them into monthly, weekly or even daily targets and do commit to see that every target is met as at when due and before you even blink an eye, your resolutions will be all done with the year merely half gone which affords you the chance at aiming even higher.

More than just having them in mind, go a step further to write them down and place it where you can easily see it so that every time you behold it, the consciousness of your resolution sets in and you’re urged to keep working towards it.

I pray that the Grace of God which enables all sufficiency in all things will dwell richly upon you and empower you to complete that which you have set your heart to do this year; for His steadfast love never ceases and His mercy never comes to and end but they “RENEW EVERY MORNING (DAILY)” for great is His faithfulness.

Take advantage of this mercy which renews daily and have a wonderful year ahead. Again, WELCOME TO 2014. Cheers!!!!


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Walking down the road with a lady friend of mine and as expected of a gentleman, I walked closest to the on coming traffic in other to “shield and protect her” (for more about social Etiquette FF @EtiquetteNG on twitter) when I decided to tease her.

I was like “now if there’s a hit, I’m most likely to die first yet we wonder why the females are more than the males these days” and she replied saying “it means little. After all, it’s a mans’ world” and this statement of hers aroused my curiosity.
She would later go on to say that the world and its systems are sort of unfair to the female gender placing the males in the position of authority, with the females left behind.
Is this entirely true?! Are the males really calling the shot?! Are the females left with little or no significance?! These amongst others, I intend to address in this article with the aim of bridging the assumed sexual divide in our systems thereby drawing a parallel line of significance to both ends.
I believe that if we must address any issues regarding humans, we must start off from where man himself (unisex) started. So join me on this voyage as I journey back to Eden seeking to uncover answers to some of these questions raised.

When God had the idea of replicating Himself in a being, I.e to create man, it’s amazing to note that he was speaking in plurality “let us make man in our image and after our likeness and let THEM have dominion” and it was recorded later on that “Male and Female He created Them and blessed Them”.
it’s interesting to note that this statement was made even before Adam was created. So even though God would later go on to create man and then woman from him, the charge of dominating and replenishing was given to them both ideologically. So for them to be fruitful biologically and successfully reproduce their first and successive filial generations, the spermatozoa from the male and the ova from the female needed to fuse together; a process known as “fertilization” which supports the theory that males and females alike are of significant importance in line with the existence & continuity of human life on earth.

Skipping further to after the fall, when God was to punish man for their sin, the woman would through increased pain bring forth children and the man in agony, would till the land for their supplies and although the task of dominating and multiplying entrusted to them had become more grievous, there still existed a balance in responsibility between both sexes for God didn’t curse one with labor and did not the other.
One may then ask, since God have a sense of balance, where then did man gain the authority over the woman?! Who put him in charge?! Let’s proceed on this issue.

It is important to note that after the “ideological” creation of mankind, God would go on to create Adam first and give him charge over the garden and commanded him on the do’s and don’ts even before Eve was created and as such, Adam was first entrusted with responsibility and we know that responsibility comes with authority “for the throne makes the man king”. Eve on the other hand was created from Adam, which establishes a hierarchy between them and her role was to be a “suitable helper” for the man.
Note yet again that Adam got the responsibility/authority and Eve was to help him fulfill his tasks.


When Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat from the fruit which they ought not to have, because she wasn’t the one under responsibility, nothing happened until she went further to use her office as a “help meet” to INFLUENCE the man who is he with the authority and so it was, that when he ate of it, he failed in his responsibility and the side clause of the contract was activated.

Now when God came, He called for Adam and He addressed the issue with Adam because he was the one who broke the code because, it required Adam to pull the trigger even though he would later blame the woman for influencing him to take the shot.
So clearly thence, we can establish the fact that unto the man was given authority and unto the woman was given influence. Now let’s ask ourselves; authority or influence, which is a more powerful tool?!

Here’s a perfect illustration to best solve the riddle.


In a society where the jury system is practiced, we understand that although there’s a presiding judge who will eventually pass the final judgment, read out the sentence and pound the gavel as his seal of authority, the jury on the other hand really determines the outcome of the case. For example, A man may commit murder and if he’s able to convince the jury that he didn’t and that verdict is reached by them, the judge will pound his gavel to discharge and acquit the accused. Likewise, if an innocent man falsely accused, fails to convince the jury on his innocence, they reach a verdict and the judge issues out the sentence and again pound his gavel as it is his authority.
If we look critically into this, we would realize that although the judge get to pass the sentence, the jury about 98% determines the action of the judge in the use of his authority. Thus, its safe to say that influence is a more powerful tool in comparison to authority as it’s able to determine which side of the pendulum one with authority swings to.
Seeing we now comprehend this theory, let’s align it with the issue of the “assumed gender divide”. A man is the head based on hierarchy and calls the shots based on authority but the woman gets to influence the man to take the shot she wants. Now we understand why its said in Nigeria “if you want get oga, go through madam.” Meaning the easiest way to get a man is through a woman and history has overtime justified this claim.


Having now established that its not entirely a mans’ world as its widely perceived especially among those of the female gender, we are then left with the question What then shall we do?!
Although this may have seemed to unravel the vulnerability of the man in the place of his authority, it is not for the woman to take advantage of it thereby wielding it for her own selfish interests but through submission, channel this force into the right direction: Positivity.

It is said that “When the purpose for a thing is not known, its abuse is inevitable” and as such, if the female gender with this knowledge refuse to conform to the idea of God at creation I.e to wield this force called influence in assisting her man to fulfill his God given responsibility, but rather wield it in getting her man to fulfill her own selfish goals then as it were in Eden, their downfall is unavoidable as a wise man once said “He who fails to learn from history is bound to repeat its mistake”.


The woman who now knows she wields such power of influence and influence, which most assuredly controls authority must above everything else, understand that as it is with every power, the force of influence can be used for good and evil, erection and destruction and that the choice in what manner to use it, is dependent in the two long standing rivals; Pride or Humility.
Pride in using it for her own gain leading to destruction or humility in service of God leading to Life. The Choice is Hers!

We can clearly ascertain that God in His design of the world and its operational systems in no way segregated the woman, but honored her with her own role as He sees fit. She should then understand that her fight is not to attain equality with her male counter part but to play her roles in helping the man for therein her fulfillment lies.
For God is a Just God and this isn’t a case of equality but of Justice.

As always,I open this article to public scrutiny as I may not have dealth excessively with this issue and to my readers, please be sure to confirm every point stated above before building on it, most especially in reference to the Book of Life; The Word of God.

I’m no wealthy man in terms of my knowledge of the legal system. Thus pardon if there’s any inaccuracy with the illustration used.

Written by – ONUOHA, OBINNA C. (Kruseaphix)

The Résumé

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Its used by persons to present their background and skills for a variety of reasons but often for securing a new employment.

Ever wondered what your résumé should look like if you were given a shot at applying for that dream job with an international conglomerate with a huge pay check at stake?!
To attain such,the least requirement would be good academic qualification. For some, a bachelors degree isn’t just enough as they’ll press for a masters and some even to the level of doctorate degrees. They’ll enroll and take up professional exams,become members of globally recognized clubs/groups like the Rotary club,the red cross and so much more. They may even take up hobbies they never had just to beef up that résumé such that their prospective employer would be impressed by it enough to earn them the dream job.

Since a résumé goes a long way in determining the level of success as regards jobs,what makes us think the kind of résumé we present before our prospective spouses wouldn’t also play a role in determining the level of success in our relationship?!

You know, we spend so much time searching for that special one;that dream one, without examining ourselves to ensure that we would be for that dream one a dream one as both the employer & employee share the joy in every dream deal i.e For the employer,a dream member of staff & for the employee,a dream job. Likewise, a prospective spouse ought to share in the joy which you feel on meeting them but such isn’t the case as we are mostly driven by ignorance to only earn the best forgetting that to whom much is given,much is expected.

Why don’t we beef up our personal résumé such that it would be suitable for our prospective companions? You desire a temperate and patient partner yet you are always consumed by anger & impatience? You want a caring & selfless one yet you are short of the same prerequisite as the desire itself is driven by selfishness? Let’s take a break and be rational for a minute!

As much as you prepare yourself a résumé suitable for a dream job,likewise prepare yourself one suitable for a dream relationship. Take up new hobbies & interests,quit bad habits,read good books on relationships,inquire from successful couples how they are “doing it”,most guys do sports;pick an interest in it, ladies like to talk;prepare for her a listening ear. You’re timid,aim at being bold as most ladies desire security from their man, ladies do the cooking;try to have a little knowledge about that too guys. You know your weaknesses and flaws as an individual,improve on it.
Go the extra mile if you have to in order to prepare yourself for that special one and I assure you that if we all follow suit,the “One’s” would no longer be hard to find as we’ll all be prepared,like the biblical parable of the wise virgins with extra oil,waiting for the grooms arrival. Let’s build that résumé.

Its known as the rise in the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere & oceans since the late 19th century and its projected continuity. Global warming, a re-occurring phenomenon in the whispers of ancient environmentalists has over the past two decades gained global prominence and attention like never before due to the rapid increase in the earth’s mean temperature recorded to be about 0.8degreesC (1.4degreesF) since the early 20th century with about 2/3rd of this increase occurring since 1980. Its effects such as sudden/drastic temperature changes, melting of the polar ice caps resulting in massive flooding & Tsunamis among others has ensured that the threat/dangers of global warming are not ignored or shoved aside but accorded proper audience whenever & wherever its being mentioned.
Over time,we’ve seen & heard the church respond to matters of such critical importance like slavery, racism etc. which would lead one to ask “what’s the church’s view/stand on global warming? What parts are Christians expected to play as regards global warming? Is global warming that which the Church should burden itself with? Permit me now to journey into scriptures as we look to uncover answers to some of the questions raised.

In the book of Genesis, there God created the heaven and the earth & placed man in Eden strategically to “tend and keep it” (Gen2:15) thus the earth was mans’ to look after, take care of & maintain. This charge as well as that of being fruitful & multiply was given from the very onset because as man would go on to populate the earth, the use of the earth & its resources would increase in other to meet the increased need of humanity and as such, maintaining, tending & keeping of the earth had to be kept in view at all times lest the earth becomes overwhelmed by man’s usage such that it begins to depreciate.
“Scientists are more than 90% certain that global warming is primarily caused by increasing concentrations of green house gases produced by human activities such as burning of fossil fuels & deforestation.”(Wikipedia).
As known, the old testament is but a shadow of the new and all in the old need some sort of “back up” in the new. Likewise, the tending of the earth spoken of in Genesis was resounded by Jesus in matthew5:13, where He said “You’re the SALT of the earth.” Now one of the major uses of salt is as a preservative. Having said that, the above text could rightly read “You are the PRESERVATIVE of the earth” which means one of mans’ major function still remains the tending, keeping & preserving of the earth as was said in Genesis 2.
Apparently, man ignored this God given task and went on populating the earth, increasing in needs and meeting those needs by any means necessary without bearing in mind, its possible consequence on the earth he was asked to preserve & keep which has led to the depreciation of the earth leading to global warming. But why do we disobey Gods’ fore warning & blame Him when the consequences hit hard at us, using it as another reason not to believe in Him as some foolishly ask “if there’s a God,where was He during the last Hurricane?” *FOOD FOR THOUGHT*
In Adam, all of humanity failed including as stewards of the earth but in Jesus, all who believe in Him are restored to God’s original plan which still includes tending & keeping of the earth. As Christians, we have that task once again upon us as stewards & keepers of the earth to tend and preserve it. We should be the ones spear-heading campaigns and programs against global warming, educating the rest of humanity on the use of the earth, advocating for greener living as well as living daily with the state of the earth in mind ie living eco-friendly in our homes & work places, going for energy saving appliances and even taking preventive steps like seeking alternate means of fueling that would emit lesser green house gases into the atmosphere.
No faithful steward goes to sleep when his masters property is not in good condition. The earth is the Lords’ and we are its stewards. SELAH!.
Please feel free to share your views/opinions about this article & the points raised by posting a comment. Thanks!


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In a world where there are many broken homes & relationships, where marriages are even over before they begin and where the young ones detest the idea of marriage or have certain prejudices regarding it, the nobility, faithfulness and fidelity of partners comes to the limelight raising the question “Is there anyone faithful?”

But of course there are faithful partners who honor their vows & commitments to their spouses by keeping their beds undefiled besides, how can we raise the question of unfaithfulness if there’s no faithfulness in view? Again some will say, ” Agreed! There are faithful ones but they are rare compared to the unfaithful” with the fingers of accusation pointing at the male gender most of the times which had resulted to sayings like “all men are cheats; all men are the same” yet I raise a question; if all men are cheats,who do they cheat with?!
Women obviously which brings to bear the fact that if all men are cheats,the women are guilty as well as the crime needs the involvement of both parties for it to be committed.

A popular Nigerian comedian “Ali Baba” took to twitter the question “why do men cheat?” And as expected, lots of responses followed with some raising answers on the defensive & others on the offensive. But one thing is sure, Adultery is unjustifiable! There’s never a good enough reason as to why one should “cheat” on his/her partner. That been said, I’ll go on to answer the question “why do men cheat?” And please note that the reasons to be listed are applicable to both males and females genders.

•listed below are some reasons why men cheat and I’ll take time to explain a few.

– Lack of sexual fulfillment
– Greed
– Seduction
– Fantasies
– Insecurity
– Vengeance
– Lack of respect for spouse/commitment
– No moral values
– A way out

*Greed – This is one major reason why men cheat on their spouses. Simply put, it’s the “I’ve got to have it all syndrome”. They ain’t satisfied with that which they have so they go from skirt to gown trying to get a taste of all sides of the cake. A man driven by greed will cheat for a hip smaller, a hip bigger, fatter, slimmer, fairer & even darker. Such infidel can rarely be stopped for as long as he sees a new cookie jar, he’s bound to put his hands in it. He’s like the proverbial basket that can never be filled with fluid.

*Lack of Sexual Fulfillment – This is another major reason as to why certain men tend to cheat on their spouses and it’s most likely in a relationship where the spouse is engaged in a busy lifestyle which includes tight working schedules thus meeting the sexual needs of the spouse less often as they are either too busy with work or too tired for the after dark.
Another is the sexual “Performance” of the spouse. In a relationship where one’s sexual supply does not meet the demand of the spouse, overtime some will “take out” so as to have his/her sexual urges fully met. This may result from one partner having more sexual activities/experiences before marriage than the other & as such, the one with less sexual experience will continue to fall short of expectations.

*Seduction – This could also be known as “Getting caught up in the Moment”. Wrong place, wrong time & wrong conversations can easily get one ensnared. Alcohol can also be stated here because its influence often renders one vulnerable. A hot/ good looking flirtatious boss, colleague or friend if not avoided can easily seduce one into committing the crime even when there was no initial intention to do it.

*Fantasies – Here, His thoughts play a major role. For instance, maybe he saw someone at an eatery or the mall or ran into an old crush whose physical appearance catches his interest & without putting away that momentary interest, it will only take a few minute before he becomes intrigued and his thoughts then start to go wild as he begins to play scenarios up in his mind.
Another cause of fantasies are pornography, secular romance novels, soap operas etc. When caught up in a fantasy, he’s left to either cheat on his spouse with another or cheat on her with her i.e having sexual intercourse with her but with another in mind.
Others get involved because they are trying to get back at their spouse or are so frustrated by their spouse that they seek refuge in the arms of others while for others, its just for the fun of it.
These ones have no moral values as they do it for the “adventure” believing that “stolen waters are sweeter”.
Now we know why men cheat but the knowledge in itself if not applied to resolving the problem is vain.

*Possible Solutions*

• Honor and respect your vows and commitment to your spouse and God before whom you had the covenant with each other.
• Don’t get too busy with work or other activities that your spouse will have to suffer because of it. As a couple, it is your responsibility to meet the emotional and sexual needs of each other.
Also put aside pornography as this will lead to fantasies that your spouse may never be able to satisfy.
• Observe abstinence as a single. Having sexual activities with others tend to increase your sexual limits & desires and when you eventually get married, it becomes hard for your partner to fulfill/meet those desires especially when he/she marries you as “newbies”. No matter how hard they try, they’ll always play catch up.
• Flee from seductions – Avoid flirtatious conversations with people of the opposite sex; don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position thinking that you can handle it when most times, you obviously can’t. Don’t discuss your sex life with friends. Often, such conversations lead to fantasy build up especially when you learn how the other guy is “rocking his.”
• Be truthful to yourself; stolen waters are by no means sweeter. Be contented with what you have. Extra marital affair is sin known as adultery and if you ain’t married, its fornication. Fear God enough to live holy and abide by His moral standards.
•Communicate – if your spouse ain’t hitting the right spot, tell them and possibly show them; not everyone are good at mind reading.


Being a faithful partner requires a lot of work and input. You’ve got to keep at patience, tolerance, respect for self & your spouse as well as honoring your vows. As long as you keep practicing, you’ll surely get there and with more of them practices, you’re likely to remain there. (Where unto thou has attained,mind the same thing.)

In all humility, I feel I haven’t done enough as regards addressing the issue at hand but I do hope that you reading would find some truth in it and please feel free to leave a comment as it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

*credits to Dr.Creflo & Taffi Dollar on their book “The Successful Family”*

It’s this simple: My name is eazY and I’m a ….. um wait its not that simple after all.
My birth name is Ezekiel Yomi Olalude… you don’t have to understand calculus to know where “eazY” came from.. but nevertheless the name is an acronym meaning “Entirely A Zealot 4 You” and as the name denotes I’m a zealot for the one whom i rep on ery bar (dats right “ery”)… Really can’t help it. I can only give out what i have within.
I’m part of a HipHop movement dedicated to preaching the gospel through rap music called “soulflame” where I have been built both in the Word knowledge and in music skills.
Born and bred in the city of Jos,I grew up listening to the likes of Eminem and JayZ… But stayed up listening to lecrae and Shai Linne. i really sound like…NOBODY!!!..yup.. So yeah… it’s this simple..
My name is eazY.. and I’m a Christian.
For more info,follow on twitter @eazYomi
After all said,its my pleasure to present to you EAZY in DIAMONDS

Hello world!

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